Photography thoughts on a train

So I’ve been trying to work on my craft for the beginning of the year, which means updating my website, attending conventions, watching youtube videos, reading blogs, capturing new content… really trying to see how I can be forward thinking in photography.
This quote is really helpful to make me realise I’m doing the right thing and photography does scare me because it’s all on you, how you capture an image, your editing style and so on.

So here’s to a new year, new photography and a new me (hopefully!🙈). It’s a learning curve, I’m bound to make mistakes but equally im bound to learn from them.

Keep going y’all!


The Art of Sculptures

This is part of my first weekly photo challenge on the Daily Post’s blog page. Their theme this week is Face


I would like to submit this image I took at Syon Park Hilton Hotel when I visited last week for a surprise Spa getaway my partner had lined up for me. (Blushes).

I saw this in the corridor of the hotel and was captivated by it. The face is made up of bolts. The lighting really set it off too.

It’s awesome how someone can make such a beautiful piece of art out of ordinary objects that aren’t in themselves anything to look at, but once structured and organised correctly can create dramatic and beautifully crafted master pieces.