Discovering that you’ve been featured somewhere #BestFeelingEver!😝

So I randomly searched my name in google last night and found that a Photographer had used my Salisbury Cathedral image as a Photo of the Day feature on 27 Jan 2017! This is amazing, may not be much to someone else, but a big deal to me.

What is more another photographer commented on the article about the colour tone. It’s not often that I get proper feedback from a Photographer other than, nice pic or great work. So this was really appreciated!

Link to the article is here.


Daily Photo Challenge ‘Look Up’

This is my submission in last weeks photo challenge Look Up.

This image was taken at the Sailsbury Cathedral on a trip to visit a friend. I was experimenting with my photography style at the time and was inspired by architect photographers on instagram (as I had not long signed up to it) and one in particular who encouraged people to ‘look up’ which I found so interesting.  

The cathedral posed some great looking up shots and this is by far my fav.  Since then I can often be found starring up at buildings and everyone around me then looking upwards bluntly like they missed a Spiderman viewing. 🙂