Double Exposure

So I’m learning about double exposing images at the moment and of course this totally depends on the type of image you are capturing. 

Firstly it helps if you have a tripod or something to keep the camera still in the same place, but if you’re like me and you’re still new to this game and budget is a big issue you simply have to make do and learn to keep a steady hand, which is harder than it seems at times. 

I’m currently on holiday in the Dominican Republic on holiday and saw an abandoned building nearby and was like I’ve totally got to get there.  I’ve seen the shots people have taken at abandoned buildings and they look crazy! So I thought I’d give it a try. I dont think I was allowed in the building but no one was around 🙈.

These are the two shots I took of a corridor. One focused on the end of the corridor, the other the foreground.

Since I was on holiday I used an app callex Pixlr to doublr expose the image and create the final product.  However if I was using my regular software, Lightroom and Photoshop, I reckon I would have been able to make this image a lot better…. but I’m on holiday so I made do with what I have. 😋

So this is the final image, you can see its actually a bit rough and rugged as I can only do so much on my phone but I think it works given that it has that spooky, creepy feel to it. Anyway guys, hope you enjoyed this lil post. 😉