Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Eyes

I’ve put up in the past a post about cats eyes which I think is relevant to this blog (but is a little late🙈) but I like this topic and I have a few more pics on my phone that I’d like to share while on holiday.

Pic of my friend’s dog Red, how cute!

I love this shot, the bird was just starri g right at me like I was some punk and the fact that the wire fence is in the shot too, I think makes it all the more a great shot.

The same with this shot the bird was quite a fair distance away and when I was taking pics he looked right at me head on as if I was invading his personal space! 

One of my fav shots from my cats eyes blog post. 

As well as this one from my Photographers on Safari post.

I’d like to add more pics and new ones but as mentioned in my recent post I am on holiday 😉🌈

Classic Cars

Here’s a sneak peak of some pics from my time at Coventry Transport Museum this month. More pics coming soon! Deffo a must see 😋

1973 Triumph Dolomite Sprint

1974 Jaguar E Type – only 800 miles on the clock!

1947 Daimler Limousine – first choice to carry King George VI

1972 Hillman Avenger

1938 Alvis Speed 25

Check my insta page for updates @kira.koji

More coming soon!😘 

Cee’s black and white photo challenge – Trees

I love the forest and somehow tree photography is quite captivating. I took one of these pics with my Leica camera and another with my Huawei P9 phone. I love the way the tree branches are dispersed and there is an “organised mess” lol.

Normally I take tree pictures at a distance but this tree was massive and looking up at it from below gave a very unique perspective and there was so much detail! 

This one is a bit of a regular tree image but I still like the way it looks. The atmosphere is awesome! Where thriller movies are made! 

Thanks Cee!

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge

I haven’t participated in a photo challenge for a while and this one caught my eye.

A walk in Salisbury – if you look close enough can you spot the rabbit?
Cyprus steps from the beach – I love this shot because the colours were naturally vibrant and made for an incredible shot.


Sunset on the peer in Cyprus
Old river bed in Greece – I loved the different textures of the foliage and rocks, madr an interesting black and white image.
I took this shot while my partner was driving in Greece.  It’s a grainy shot but I think it creates a nice dynamic.



River outside ZSL, London

Shooting under the influence!

So I had recently been asked to capture moments at a hen do from a family friend.  It was a night of cocktail making and food!  I was taking part in the cocktail making class at Revolutions in Central London (as you do) but still on duty taking the snaps!  To say the least it really tested my multitasking abilities and general equilibrium of trying to focus my chi to take sharp shots!  Here’s how the evening went…


Fav pic of the night – love them natural shots!
Clearly under the influence here but made for a cool pic!


Things got a bit wild!


My top tips… just be aware of your surroundings and what’s going on around you. My priority was of course the bride to be but there were other interesting shots while we were waiting for things such as…


Chilli shots….absolutely vile!!!


Considering I got pretty hammered by the end of the night (hence no pics of the dinner!) I think I did a pretty decent job! As long as the client is happy with the pics….it’s okay!!! 🙂

Multitasking on some next level!!