Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge

I haven’t participated in a photo challenge for a while and this one caught my eye.

A walk in Salisbury – if you look close enough can you spot the rabbit?
Cyprus steps from the beach – I love this shot because the colours were naturally vibrant and made for an incredible shot.


Sunset on the peer in Cyprus
Old river bed in Greece – I loved the different textures of the foliage and rocks, madr an interesting black and white image.
I took this shot while my partner was driving in Greece.  It’s a grainy shot but I think it creates a nice dynamic.



River outside ZSL, London

Tips on shooting portraits.

This is a really interesting read. I will deffo be trying them out! https://www.eyeem.com/blog/2016/08/how-to-shoot-portraits-tips-from-matt-lief-anderson/?inApp=false&utm_source=inapp&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=How_to_Shoot_Great_Portraits_12_Tips_to_Try_Out&utm_content=global

Shooting under the influence!

So I had recently been asked to capture moments at a hen do from a family friend.  It was a night of cocktail making and food!  I was taking part in the cocktail making class at Revolutions in Central London (as you do) but still on duty taking the snaps!  To say the least it really tested my multitasking abilities and general equilibrium of trying to focus my chi to take sharp shots!  Here’s how the evening went…


Fav pic of the night – love them natural shots!
Clearly under the influence here but made for a cool pic!


Things got a bit wild!


My top tips… just be aware of your surroundings and what’s going on around you. My priority was of course the bride to be but there were other interesting shots while we were waiting for things such as…


Chilli shots….absolutely vile!!!


Considering I got pretty hammered by the end of the night (hence no pics of the dinner!) I think I did a pretty decent job! As long as the client is happy with the pics….it’s okay!!! 🙂

Multitasking on some next level!!


Photographers On Safari

I recently visited the Wildlife Heritage Foundation in Ashford, UK with Photographers on Safari. I would definitely recommend this opportunity to any avid photographer both pro or novice. You get incredibly close to the animals, literally just a wire fence between you and the mighty beasts! One stalked me and run up to the fence making me fall over!🙈 I managed to capture the ‘in the moment’ action shot….

Thank goodness for quick shutter speeds!
Example of how close you are to the big cats

I had never been so close to big cats before and they were incredible to watch and photograph.  John, the organiser of the shoot, has been working with the WHF for over 11 years and had great personal knowledge of the cats. He taught us how to shoot through a fence which is more difficult than you think!

Here are some of my fav shots.

Tigers just have a look about them that command royalty
There are only about 30-40 Leopards left in the wild!
A very photogenic Lynx
Aquarius the fishing cat
Puma with an ear and a half!
A black Jaguar in stealth mode

The biggest lesson I learned here was looking at the entire picture when capturing a shot. For example it is easy to take a shot and just focus on your target and then in post production realise you have bars or distracting things in the background.  Here John told us to try and make it look like these animals are in the wild so shoot without seeing the human fences, wires, man made items. This was a little tricky at first (well for me) because I was so excited of capturing the cats I needed to calm myself down and actually think about the pictures I wanted to take.  I am very pleased with the outcomes and took a lot of lovely big cat portraits. 

Feel free to check out more pics on my website and instagram,facebook,500px pages.

😋 Arigato Gozaimasu

Daily Photo Challenge ‘Look Up’

This is my submission in last weeks photo challenge Look Up.

This image was taken at the Sailsbury Cathedral on a trip to visit a friend. I was experimenting with my photography style at the time and was inspired by architect photographers on instagram (as I had not long signed up to it) and one in particular who encouraged people to ‘look up’ which I found so interesting.  

The cathedral posed some great looking up shots and this is by far my fav.  Since then I can often be found starring up at buildings and everyone around me then looking upwards bluntly like they missed a Spiderman viewing. 🙂



Beard Portraits

So a friend #TheBeardedSuperman asked me to take pics of his beard and I thought he was joking but once he told me the reason why it made perfect sense….The Mrs! 🙂

After much rescheduling due to the blasted London weather conditions we decided to wing it and went in and around the Tate Modern.

Despite the weather I think there were some really decent shots that got captured.  We only really had an hour of shooting before the rain decided to pelt down again!



Engagement Photos

So a good friend of mine has asked me to be the photographer for her wedding.  We’ve known each other for years and we’ve both photographed at weddings together as a team. It’s a real honour to be considered ‘good enough’ to capture such an important day in her life!  Thanks Lis! xx

Here are a few pics from the shoot we did in Hyde Park.  They are a really happy and jokey couple so it made getting them natural shots all the more easier.

Lisa was used to being behind the camera and her fiancé is a reporter based in front of the camera but somehow when the camera is pointing at you in a more personal setting you naturally feel a little uncomfortable.  In order to relax them I asked them questions about when they first met, what their first impressions of each other was to get them thinking and not realising I was taking snaps.  This worked a treat!