Ceeโ€™s Black & White Photo Challenge: Letters E or F

This week I’m submitting my E and F images. ย Really tried to find interesting ones this week.

Eye – I love taking these macros images. This is actually of an European Eagle Owl. Awesome details.
This one (I know I’m cheating a little with the bits of colour) but this E is for editing. Something we, as photographers, are constantly doing day or night.
Engine – this is in the Imperial War Museum in South London, massive it was.
Elephant – okay i know this one is a bit obvious but this is one of the first images I took with my (then) new camera and I was absolutely delighted with it.
Fire place – This just looked really nice, was wondering what I was going to use it for.
Feathers – Again loving the macros shot here. The colour version (which is green) really makes this image pop. But with the b&w you notice the detailing a lot more.
Frame – This was a lovely little feature in Cyprus. Whoever decided to put this here was a genius. All i needed was for someone to dive off that cliff…
Fence – Looks like part of a documentary – a make shift fence in the Dom Rep
Frost – Dec 2016 frost on my car to be precise. Again loving the details the B&W brings out.
Flamingo – This was of a flamingo in Dom Rep, I used this image here because I won a few awards online for this image and am particularly proud of it.
Formula 1 driver and race car – Coventry Transport Museum. This was really difficult to take a picture of that I was happy with because of how it was displayed and there’s people in the background. But the car looked good nonetheless.




Letters C and D – Cee’s letters challenge

Another one of Cee’s letters challenge on C and D.

So here we go.


I wasn’t sure when this image would see the light of day ๐Ÿ™‚ This was a group activity game in the Dominican Republic which I thought made an interesting image. This of course embodied the letter C for Chess.


This image was also taken in the Dominican Republic on a tour that took us around the local villages.  This image was taken when the tour guide was showing us how Cigars are made.


This is an old image I took on a Lumix Panasonic (Manual lens) camera in Australia, specifically Melbourne of Dj DoRehMi during a stage rehearsal.  This was when I was proper starting out as a photographer.  I love this image because of the lighting which creates the DJs frame and then fades into the rest of the black stage.  This image really had very little editing to it.


This is of course a shot of DJ DoRehMi’s Decks.  I love this image because it just looks so old skool.


This image is of a Doll at the Vietnamese Festival back in the Summer of 2015.  I thought the doll was so pretty.

Daily Post Photo Challenge – Here and Now

After recently coming back home from a 2 week holiday in the Dominican Republic this post has made me reminisce about recent holidays with friends and family and taking fun pics so here are my submissions for this photo challenge – Here and Now.

This is at Punta Cana’s finest place to be at night, Coco Bongo! A night of so much fun and I managed to capture this image on a bar stage, tipsy and with my phone camera!
A friend taking a selfie – love this! Caught up in her moment!
I was on a safari excursion in Dom Rep and this guy was on his horse going down the road rounding up his cows and I managed to time the moment he went past us.  Awesome!
I was at the poolside and this adorable baby was enjoying the pool with his dad – just a cutie!
Love this randomness at an engagement shoot xx


This says it all!
This is a capture of a bride to be at a cocktail making class.  I actually like the blurriness of the image as I think it gives it more character.


Would love to get all of your thoughts as I appreciate the feedback and constructive criticisms! Muchas Gracias! ๐Ÿ™‚

Cee’s BNW 2 different things photo challenge

Had to delve into the archives for this one – great topic though! The power of twos!


This was a shot I took of a mother and son at a christening. I thought it was such a sweet image despite its graininess.


Image I took in Australia some years back. Decks should always come in 2s, if not you’re not a real dj!๐Ÿ˜Š


Couple’s shoe shot. Would have liked to have taken a wider shot so I could make it more panoramic so that the composition compliments the eye a bit better.


Two sleeping lions…think it says it all  ๐Ÿ˜„


Two page boys waiting for the bride. Cutest thing ever!


Save the date pics I did for my friends. It was a lovely winging it session. Images came out beautifully – blog about this coming soon!

When I saw these 2 empty chairs I loved the composition. I was travelling on a boat hence the off centre shot  ๐Ÿ™ˆ (dont judge me! Lol) 

Well there you have it, my rendition of this challenge. I hope it was enjoyable. Any comments, reviews, critism is much obliged ๐Ÿ˜‹

A Photo A Week – Blue

Nancy Merril’s newest photography challenge is about the colour blue and this is my submission.

This image was taken Cyprus 2015.  I absolutely love this image. The colour of the sky and reflection of it in the water balances out the composition of the boats and the beige rocks break up the blue to make it look all the more vibrant.

There are no filters used in this image and I did very little in post production, simply cropping the image, making it straight and enhancing the clarity a little but not by much. 

It was a perfect weather day and I am very proud that I managed to capture this shot as the family and I were on a boat starting a boat excursion.

Would love to get your thoughts and opinions about this. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿšข