Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Letters E or F

This week I’m submitting my E and F images.  Really tried to find interesting ones this week.

Eye – I love taking these macros images. This is actually of an European Eagle Owl. Awesome details.
This one (I know I’m cheating a little with the bits of colour) but this E is for editing. Something we, as photographers, are constantly doing day or night.
Engine – this is in the Imperial War Museum in South London, massive it was.
Elephant – okay i know this one is a bit obvious but this is one of the first images I took with my (then) new camera and I was absolutely delighted with it.
Fire place – This just looked really nice, was wondering what I was going to use it for.
Feathers – Again loving the macros shot here. The colour version (which is green) really makes this image pop. But with the b&w you notice the detailing a lot more.
Frame – This was a lovely little feature in Cyprus. Whoever decided to put this here was a genius. All i needed was for someone to dive off that cliff…
Fence – Looks like part of a documentary – a make shift fence in the Dom Rep
Frost – Dec 2016 frost on my car to be precise. Again loving the details the B&W brings out.
Flamingo – This was of a flamingo in Dom Rep, I used this image here because I won a few awards online for this image and am particularly proud of it.
Formula 1 driver and race car – Coventry Transport Museum. This was really difficult to take a picture of that I was happy with because of how it was displayed and there’s people in the background. But the car looked good nonetheless.




Black and White Challenge – A and B

Cee did it again with this one on Letters A and B, I must admit it took me a while to find images for this but was a good challenge! 🙂


A is for Airplane – I took this image boarding this particular plane in the Dominican Republic.  I thought the shading and the detailing in the clouds made this image stand out for this challenge.


A is also for Astronaut.  Came across this in my archives.  I knew it would come in useful one day! 🙂  This was taken at the Science Museum in London. A full life sized suit, massive it was!


B is for beard (for those who can grow em!)  This was a shoot I did to commemorate this chap’s beard as he was getting it shaved off.  It was a weird shoot simply because I had never been asked to do this before, but we got some awesome shots.  See my other blog post about this here.


B is for Buddha.  I’m not a particularly religious person these days but I thought this statue of Buddha was lovely and made for a great BNW image too with the sunlight and foreground.

Here’s to C and D… really looking forward to this challenge!! Thanks Cee.

Letters C and D – Cee’s letters challenge

Another one of Cee’s letters challenge on C and D.

So here we go.


I wasn’t sure when this image would see the light of day 🙂 This was a group activity game in the Dominican Republic which I thought made an interesting image. This of course embodied the letter C for Chess.


This image was also taken in the Dominican Republic on a tour that took us around the local villages.  This image was taken when the tour guide was showing us how Cigars are made.


This is an old image I took on a Lumix Panasonic (Manual lens) camera in Australia, specifically Melbourne of Dj DoRehMi during a stage rehearsal.  This was when I was proper starting out as a photographer.  I love this image because of the lighting which creates the DJs frame and then fades into the rest of the black stage.  This image really had very little editing to it.


This is of course a shot of DJ DoRehMi’s Decks.  I love this image because it just looks so old skool.


This image is of a Doll at the Vietnamese Festival back in the Summer of 2015.  I thought the doll was so pretty.

Discovering that you’ve been featured somewhere #BestFeelingEver!😝

So I randomly searched my name in google last night and found that a Photographer had used my Salisbury Cathedral image as a Photo of the Day feature on 27 Jan 2017! This is amazing, may not be much to someone else, but a big deal to me.

What is more another photographer commented on the article about the colour tone. It’s not often that I get proper feedback from a Photographer other than, nice pic or great work. So this was really appreciated!

Link to the article is here.

What Makes A Great Image

I’ve taken some time out since the beginning of the year to think about my photography. I’ve been doing a lot of self reflection on what makes a ‘good’ or even a ‘great’ image.

I was challenged to consider this by the first series of Master of Photography on Sky Arts with judges Simon Frederick, Oliviero Toscani and Rut Blees Luxemburg.


It really struck a chord with me and I’ve put it down to it being an image that makes you feel something by looking at it.  We see it a lot in the creative industry, e.g., a lot of people can sing really well but only a few people can make you feel something when they sing.

It’s inevitably something that will take a while to fully comprehend, so for the time being when I’m taking pictures I’ve got that question in the back of my mind and it’s actually helped me to think outside the box and think of creative ways to take an image.  An example of which can be seen in the two crane images below.


You can seen the first image is a standard image of the crane (who I named Edward), one that anyone can take. An okay image but nothing special about it.  I’ve used a portrait style setting and captured the background to make the image create a story.  The difficult thing about this crane was he was very weary of me and I simply could not get close enough to him to get a better shot.

But from the second image you can see how I used the long grass to create a frame around Eddie.  It may not be a great image but definitely more interesting and a step forward, it gives off the idea of me stalking him and trying to get close. (Eddie who did not move between the 2 images but flew off when I took a step closer!)


So here’s to a new approach and trying to capture remarkable images.

Readers do let me know your thoughts on this and whether others are having the same reflections. 🙂


Photography thoughts on a train

So I’ve been trying to work on my craft for the beginning of the year, which means updating my website, attending conventions, watching youtube videos, reading blogs, capturing new content… really trying to see how I can be forward thinking in photography.
This quote is really helpful to make me realise I’m doing the right thing and photography does scare me because it’s all on you, how you capture an image, your editing style and so on.

So here’s to a new year, new photography and a new me (hopefully!🙈). It’s a learning curve, I’m bound to make mistakes but equally im bound to learn from them.

Keep going y’all!

Lest We Forget

So in light of the Armistice this weekend I took a trip to the Imperial War Museum near Elephant and Castle to pay homage for the service men and women who contributed with their lives for the rest of us today.

It was a great afternoon, very awe inspiring and deeply heart felt. There were so many people attending it was difficult at times to take pictures and then I felt a bit disrespectful taking them because everyone was reading plaques and information boards etc. Something I have always found challenging, taking pictures when I think it may come across disrespectful but you are doing it for the right reasons.

Interesting enough there were loads of wartime images at the museum and it really made me think about being a photographer and that it is about documentating things and reporting it back and can mean you are on the front line of things which in this case is life and death!  It really put value into my work and wanting to do more than simply take pictures for the sake of it. I am afterall still learning my way around photography. 

I had a similiar experience reading this young artist’s account, as I had previously been an artist (although not quite portraits and landscapes) and again was prompted to think about how vast war is and that absolutely everyone who could be involved, was.

This was at the weapons part of the museum. You see in films how resourceful you have to be but seeing it in the flesh…remarkable.

There were a few navy servicemen dotted around the museum who were very friendly and allowed me to get a quick snap! (Thanks fellas) They all looked so young, to think they could be called away to war… 

This was also a very interesting fact about the Poppy Appeal and how and why it started. And to see one from back then was amazing.

The plaque says that a kid named Patrick Blunstone witnessed a SL11 aircraft crash outside his house in Cuffley and he was telling his dad all about it. At the end he says, “Please dont be alarmed, all is well.” 

Again I found this quitr fascinating to read the notes of a nurse who was tending to her patients during WW1. To think this is where it was going to end up after all this time makes you think about what you’re doing in life.

This was an interesting piece depicting the effects of modern warfare. The video playing on the sculptures were men running into battle but then facing heavy fire from machine guns and falling down dead. It was very moving.

This segment was quite sentimental to me as I have Japanese heritage (although I don’t know it very well) but still brings a feeling of identity and a sense of belonging. The samurai swords, when given from a Japanese officer to the enemy officer, was a sign that the war or battle was over. However the sword below was given willingly as a gesture of goodwill.  It was by far the prettiest one.

These flags were sold in London Armistice Day 11th November 1918. There are records stating that on this day there was much rejoicing in London, and diarist Ethel Bilborough stated that the city, “went quite mad.”

All in all it was quite a sad and tender time at the museum but also one of much amazement. I am deeply grateful to the men and women who have participated in any war, it means I have been fortunate enough to be here today.  It’s quite sad that wars are really disagreements between men who hide behind the legions. 

Asian Bride Fashion Show

So I attended the National Asian Wedding show in October at London’s Excel Centre.  I wasn’t sure what to expect as I had previously attended the Asian Bride Live Expo at the beginning of the year.

Well this year was definitely different, they had a proper catwalk and loads of press. I had tried to get a press pass beforehand but since I dont do photography professionally I couldnt obtain one. Anywhoo entered the catwalk as a member of the public and walked past the press stand and simply asked if I could sit at the end (had mt Leica around my neck which made me look more the part) and the usher said thats fine. Whoop whoop

Managed to network with a few of the photographers, some who were professionals and some who were enthusiasts, even got me a few tipsnon how to photograph a fashion show as I had never really done one like this before. The photographer told me to capture the model just as they take a step or just after. Which is more difficult than it seems.

Here’s some pics I took of the fashion show…would love feedback.

One key tip id say is research the hell out of the fashion designers, their brands, the models etc and tag them in your shots, even the makeup artists, the shoe sponsors to the event organisers. on my instagram page I managed to find a lot of the models and extra sponsors who liked my work and opens me up to their networks which as a new photographer, I could always do with 😉

Daily Post Photo Challenge – Frame 

I found this challenge  an interesting one and had to look into my archives!  But I’ve found a few – enjoy.

In Cyprus I came across these boxes which offered a great shelter from the sun and views of the sea but were pretty amazing on their own.

I think this image could have been better by having someone jumping off the ledge but when I looked down there was a cliff of rocks – so probably not the best idea! lol


I love this image as the fence creates an awesome frame over the bird’s face!

Daily Post Photo Challenge – Here and Now

After recently coming back home from a 2 week holiday in the Dominican Republic this post has made me reminisce about recent holidays with friends and family and taking fun pics so here are my submissions for this photo challenge – Here and Now.

This is at Punta Cana’s finest place to be at night, Coco Bongo! A night of so much fun and I managed to capture this image on a bar stage, tipsy and with my phone camera!
A friend taking a selfie – love this! Caught up in her moment!
I was on a safari excursion in Dom Rep and this guy was on his horse going down the road rounding up his cows and I managed to time the moment he went past us.  Awesome!
I was at the poolside and this adorable baby was enjoying the pool with his dad – just a cutie!
Love this randomness at an engagement shoot xx


This says it all!
This is a capture of a bride to be at a cocktail making class.  I actually like the blurriness of the image as I think it gives it more character.


Would love to get all of your thoughts as I appreciate the feedback and constructive criticisms! Muchas Gracias! 🙂