Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Letters E or F

This week I’m submitting my E and F images.  Really tried to find interesting ones this week.

Eye – I love taking these macros images. This is actually of an European Eagle Owl. Awesome details.
This one (I know I’m cheating a little with the bits of colour) but this E is for editing. Something we, as photographers, are constantly doing day or night.
Engine – this is in the Imperial War Museum in South London, massive it was.
Elephant – okay i know this one is a bit obvious but this is one of the first images I took with my (then) new camera and I was absolutely delighted with it.
Fire place – This just looked really nice, was wondering what I was going to use it for.
Feathers – Again loving the macros shot here. The colour version (which is green) really makes this image pop. But with the b&w you notice the detailing a lot more.
Frame – This was a lovely little feature in Cyprus. Whoever decided to put this here was a genius. All i needed was for someone to dive off that cliff…
Fence – Looks like part of a documentary – a make shift fence in the Dom Rep
Frost – Dec 2016 frost on my car to be precise. Again loving the details the B&W brings out.
Flamingo – This was of a flamingo in Dom Rep, I used this image here because I won a few awards online for this image and am particularly proud of it.
Formula 1 driver and race car – Coventry Transport Museum. This was really difficult to take a picture of that I was happy with because of how it was displayed and there’s people in the background. But the car looked good nonetheless.




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