Black and White Challenge – A and B

Cee did it again with this one on Letters A and B, I must admit it took me a while to find images for this but was a good challenge! 🙂


A is for Airplane – I took this image boarding this particular plane in the Dominican Republic.  I thought the shading and the detailing in the clouds made this image stand out for this challenge.


A is also for Astronaut.  Came across this in my archives.  I knew it would come in useful one day! 🙂  This was taken at the Science Museum in London. A full life sized suit, massive it was!


B is for beard (for those who can grow em!)  This was a shoot I did to commemorate this chap’s beard as he was getting it shaved off.  It was a weird shoot simply because I had never been asked to do this before, but we got some awesome shots.  See my other blog post about this here.


B is for Buddha.  I’m not a particularly religious person these days but I thought this statue of Buddha was lovely and made for a great BNW image too with the sunlight and foreground.

Here’s to C and D… really looking forward to this challenge!! Thanks Cee.


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