What Makes A Great Image

I’ve taken some time out since the beginning of the year to think about my photography. I’ve been doing a lot of self reflection on what makes a ‘good’ or even a ‘great’ image.

I was challenged to consider this by the first series of Master of Photography on Sky Arts with judges Simon Frederick, Oliviero Toscani and Rut Blees Luxemburg.


It really struck a chord with me and I’ve put it down to it being an image that makes you feel something by looking at it.  We see it a lot in the creative industry, e.g., a lot of people can sing really well but only a few people can make you feel something when they sing.

It’s inevitably something that will take a while to fully comprehend, so for the time being when I’m taking pictures I’ve got that question in the back of my mind and it’s actually helped me to think outside the box and think of creative ways to take an image.  An example of which can be seen in the two crane images below.


You can seen the first image is a standard image of the crane (who I named Edward), one that anyone can take. An okay image but nothing special about it.  I’ve used a portrait style setting and captured the background to make the image create a story.  The difficult thing about this crane was he was very weary of me and I simply could not get close enough to him to get a better shot.

But from the second image you can see how I used the long grass to create a frame around Eddie.  It may not be a great image but definitely more interesting and a step forward, it gives off the idea of me stalking him and trying to get close. (Eddie who did not move between the 2 images but flew off when I took a step closer!)


So here’s to a new approach and trying to capture remarkable images.

Readers do let me know your thoughts on this and whether others are having the same reflections. 🙂



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