Photographing Kids

This has been one of my weaknesses simply because I get caught up in how cute kids can be and how funny they are too!

Within the last 6 months I’ve be privileged enough to photograph a few kids and will share my experiences 🙂

Firstly, they do not keep still and run around…ALOT so you have to travel light and have comfortable footwear on!

Make sure your shutter speed is at a decently high rate because they move around you have to move fast and think quickly.

mid-fall on the bouncy castle
a moment of tickles

Other times they occupy themselves with things totally irrelevant to the moment but it still makes for a great photo.

I would have preferred for this lil guy not to have his bottle in the pic but it actually makes his eyes stand out more! #CutenessCentral


The shots I love taking are the natural, not knowing I was filming you, shots.  I believe they really capture the childlike qualities and pure innocence.




There are however kids who are proper posers! And they make for really remarkable shots, the two below are my godsons! 🙂



Above all make sure they are having fun, make it an enjoyable experience as no one to sit or stand somewhere for too long! I would recommend having toys present or an activity they can do so that they forget you’re around taking pictures.  Totally depends on the child and the type of shot tho! 🙂


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