Photography Lessons So Far

So it’s been just over a year since ive started taking photography seriously (in my spare time that is). So far ive managed to get a fairly decent website up and running, got an active instagram and facebook page and have loads of accounts on photography sites that promote selling your images and competitions. In social media I’ve learnt that you be consistent and active, which can be very time consuming. I’ve not even begun to use my blog as much as I should and could yet! 
It’s been a good year so far, ive photographed a few weddings and ive got my first proper official one this October!! I’m really nervous! But im so very ready for the challenge.  
The biggest lessons I’ve learnt so far are looking at the entire image and not just the subject at the time of the shoot. e.g., 

With this image, its a lovely shot of the couple but would have been better without the fence thingy at the shoulder of the guy.  Looking at the image in post its quite distracting.
Another example of this was when I attended a photographers on safari shoot where they drilled into us when taking pictures of animals not actually on safari but in enclosures to take pictures without manmade items so that it looks like they are in the wild. The inage below is of a monkey at London Zoo, before I went on the course. It’s a fairly decent image but you can tell this monkey is in a zoo.

This image below of a black jaguar was taken during the course.  She looks like shes in the wild stalking me as I took the pic!! It did help that I was very close to her (see previous blog about my time at Ashfords WHF for more details).

Ive also learnt that it is always important to have crisp eyes for a portrait as they are the focal point in that type of shot. 
Invest in a second battery as soon as you can! I attended an Asian Bride Expo in the morning and only had 1 battery, which I thought I fully charged. I managed to take a lot of good images but at the end of the fashion show I had to sit down at a coffee stall to recharge the battery before going to a music video shoot in the afternoon. Somehow the battery was charged enough and lasted just before everything finished. But it was a nightmare!
I’m currently learning about how to go beyond taking a good picture and trying to make the viewer feel something from the image, which is something im finding very difficult.  Anyone can take a good picture but other than that what makes you stand out from the crowd? This is my current challenge and I will let you know how I get on. For now everyone keep taking great pics and keep moving forward!


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