Shooting under the influence!

So I had recently been asked to capture moments at a hen do from a family friend.  It was a night of cocktail making and food!  I was taking part in the cocktail making class at Revolutions in Central London (as you do) but still on duty taking the snaps!  To say the least it really tested my multitasking abilities and general equilibrium of trying to focus my chi to take sharp shots!  Here’s how the evening went…


Fav pic of the night – love them natural shots!
Clearly under the influence here but made for a cool pic!


Things got a bit wild!


My top tips… just be aware of your surroundings and what’s going on around you. My priority was of course the bride to be but there were other interesting shots while we were waiting for things such as…


Chilli shots….absolutely vile!!!


Considering I got pretty hammered by the end of the night (hence no pics of the dinner!) I think I did a pretty decent job! As long as the client is happy with the pics….it’s okay!!! 🙂

Multitasking on some next level!!



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