How to break the rules of composition – ImaginPortraits

I was researching this topic and came across a really good video about this and thought I’d share this with you.  The photographer has a great blog with cool photography tips check it out here.

I definitely learnt a lot from this video, especially understanding how an image reflects a story and how we subconsciously ‘read’ images.  A worthwhile 8 min vid!


Cats Eyes

I’ve been going through my archives lately and noticed a lot of common themes (so I should be blogging more frequent).  This post is all to do with cats eyes.  I went to an animal sanctuary in Paphos, Cyprus last year and the sheer number of cats were astonishing!  They wouldn’t sit still enough for me to get shots of them so a lot of the time I caught their eyes as they were running towards me to stroke them!  And interestingly enough they made for some awesome pics!  Enjoy x

I love the detail in this shot.  This cart was so picturesque!
I was trying out an artistic flare on this image, messing around with luminance levels on Lightroom
Some more luminance – I really enjoy the way it makes the image look painted and the eye still remains intense 🙂
I just love this guy – not the best looking in the bunch but a whole lot of character, I think he needs a hat and a pipe!


I know this is a full image of a cat (and there will be more later) but her eyes are so strong in this image and really makes a point of our captivating they are.


This one is so details and clear that if you look real closely you can partially see my reflection!!

Asian Bride Portraits

(Apologies for those who weren’t able to view this properly! – Thank you for letting me know – not sure what happened!)

So I attended the Asian Bride Live Expo earlier this year at Excel Centre and managed to get a spot right at the middle of the stage where all the professional photographers for the event were located! And surprisingly I was the only female photographer there!