Shots While Driving (on the passenger side!)

I love taking pics of trucks, they make really interesting shots (or at least I think so) And the dirtier the better!!

When I was in Greece in April there were loads of trucks on the highway and they posed challenges in actually taking the shots as they were driving, we were driving and you can imagine the amount of times I missed the shots! 


This is my fav shot from my trip. I timed it really well (or some may say a fluke haha). I like black and white travel shots as I find they make more interesting shots with lots of different shades.


This one was obviously in a tunnel and as much as the focus isn’t 100% I think it still makes for a decent picture. The blurriness and tone really make you experience that dark, late at night, a-little-erry kind of feel.


This shot was on the way to Lamia. I was experimenting with other kind of travel shots while in the car.  I like this shot because the composition of the road, the city centre, the car and the mountains in the background sit well on the eye. In post I would have liked the darker shades to stand out a bit more but because the distance was so far away and the heat from the road was shimmering the city it was difficult to produce the effect I intended but I’m still happy with this version.

Here’s to more happy random moments in the car!


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