First Hurdle – What Camera?

First Hurdle – What Camera?

This is the most important question for any photographer and for those starting out perhaps the most confusing.

I love photography but I’m not entirely tech savvy and ended up researching for days about different camera brands, functions, settings, packages, reviews and asked friends who were media savvy but still couldn’t decide.

It’s such an important decision as you’ll not only buy into the camera itself but the brand and therefore you’ll be locked in as a customer exclusively for that brand’s accessories, lens, upgrades etc.

So before you dive straight into the popular branded stores or choose a camera based on a personal bias I would definitely suggest having a look at what’s out there from an open mind.

So what type of camera do you need?

So start to narrow things down.  Personally I already held some camera experience so I knew that the basic cheaper DSLR cameras were not for me and I would need to look at higher end cameras.

The main criteria for narrowing my choices was that my budget of about £1000 needed to include the camera body, lens(es) plus editing software so I was actually going to have to consider the lower end of the high end camera scale!

What helped me narrow things down further was the fact that I didn’t want to have to lug around loads of lenses on shoots and was looking for a lens that had a good range, otherwise I would have to settle for a standard 18mm-55mm as a starter lens but budget wise this was not practical as I would need to invest in other lenses later down the line.

I was considering purchasing a Canon EOS 700D as I knew I ‘couldn’t go wrong’ with it however the biggest problem was that it was not cost effective as I would need to purchase the editing software separately (before Adobe moved to pay monthly plans) which was going to set my budget back considerably.

I then found what I thought (for me) was the best package.  Leica V-Lux Typ 114, the camera came with a 1 year accidental drop/break cover and an additional years warranty, plus 2 Light room editing software downloads, a lens that ranged from 25mm-400mm which meant I basically had 3 lenses in one camera and it was all well within my budget!

It seemed like a great choice but I didn’t know the camera brand and I was weary about it and after asking friends in the same field they weren’t very sure either.  However after independent research on a host of reviews and visiting a Leica store to test the camera several times I decided to take the plunge and purchase it in May 2015.

I am not reviewing my camera (as I don’t think I’ve worked with enough brands/types to be qualified to do this) but I’m simply pointing out to new photographers and enthusiasts that you should have an open mind when considering purchasing a camera and one should really think about why you want it, what you will use it for and what else you will require from it as I found one that suited all my needs.

Bottom line… Don’t just follow fashion.


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