Irish Adventure 2016

I was invited to¬†visit a friend who is currently living in Dublin last weekend and I jumped at the chance seeing that I am half Irish and haven’t been to Ireland before. *face in hands*

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I will be adding more posts about it at a later time but one of the most interesting things about Ireland, or Dublin for that matter, is the amount of clocks they have all over the gaff! Like we’re always late, or need to be somewhere! ūüôā

This was outside a regular store, like a book shop I think
This was outside the massive Post Office that has that old timey feel to it on the inside.
I really liked this clock, the colours look very regal – but again a regular shop clock!
This was on the outside of what I think used to be a newspaper publisher but it’s now a derelict building, which is a massive shame.
Random clock on a wall – Like Irish people need to constantly know the time!
This is on the Heineken building
Random corporate building clock

Shots While Driving (on the passenger side!)

I love taking pics of trucks, they make really interesting shots (or at least I think so) And the dirtier the better!!

When I was in Greece in April there were loads of trucks on the highway and they posed challenges in actually taking the shots as they were driving, we were driving and you can imagine the amount of times I missed the shots! 


This is my fav shot from my trip. I timed it really well (or some may say a fluke haha). I like black and white travel shots as I find they make more interesting shots with lots of different shades.


This one was obviously in a tunnel and as much as the focus isn’t 100% I think it still makes for a decent picture. The blurriness and tone really make you experience that dark, late at night, a-little-erry kind of feel.


This shot was on the way to Lamia. I was experimenting with other kind of travel shots while in the car.  I like this shot because the composition of the road, the city centre, the car and the mountains in the background sit well on the eye. In post I would have liked the darker shades to stand out a bit more but because the distance was so far away and the heat from the road was shimmering the city it was difficult to produce the effect I intended but I’m still happy with this version.

Here’s to more happy random moments in the car!

The Art of Sculptures

This is part of my first weekly photo challenge on the Daily Post’s blog page. Their theme this week is Face


I would like to submit this image I took at Syon Park Hilton Hotel when I visited last week for a surprise Spa getaway my partner had lined up for me. (Blushes).

I saw this in the corridor of the hotel and was captivated by it. The face is made up of bolts. The lighting really set it off too.

It’s awesome how someone can make such a beautiful piece of art out of ordinary objects that aren’t in themselves anything to look at, but once structured and organised correctly can create dramatic and beautifully crafted master pieces.

Weddings – The Extra Shots

So I attended a friend’s wedding on May 2nd 2016 to film the ceremony but being the photographer that I am I couldn’t resist taking a few snap shots.

It’s nice not being a main photographer at a wedding because I can focus on the interesting shots the lead team don’t usually get the opportunity to capture.¬† So here are a few that I’ve taken which will hopefully inspire¬†some to look for the ‘extra’ shots we may miss.

I thought the contrast of the smooth harp with the edgy background was amazing
Interesting holders for the rose petals
Attendee – just before the announcement of the newly weds
A guy in deep thought – (which happens at weddings)
The Gentleman
One of the groomsmen with his expecting wife










First Hurdle – What Camera?

First Hurdle – What Camera?

This is the most important question for any photographer and for those starting out perhaps the most confusing.

I love photography but I’m not entirely tech savvy and ended up researching for days about different camera brands, functions, settings, packages, reviews and asked friends who were media savvy but still couldn’t decide.

It’s such an important decision as you’ll not only buy into the camera itself but the brand and therefore you’ll be locked in as a customer exclusively for that brand’s accessories, lens, upgrades etc.

So before you dive straight into the popular branded stores or choose a camera based on a personal bias I would definitely suggest having a look at what’s out there from an open mind.

So what type of camera do you need?

So start to narrow things down.  Personally I already held some camera experience so I knew that the basic cheaper DSLR cameras were not for me and I would need to look at higher end cameras.

The main criteria for narrowing my choices was that my budget of about £1000 needed to include the camera body, lens(es) plus editing software so I was actually going to have to consider the lower end of the high end camera scale!

What helped me narrow things down further was the fact that I didn’t want to have to lug around loads of lenses on shoots and was looking for a lens that had a good range, otherwise I would have to settle for a standard 18mm-55mm as a starter lens but budget wise this was not practical as I would need to invest in other lenses later down the line.

I was considering¬†purchasing a Canon¬†EOS 700D¬†as I knew I ‘couldn’t go wrong’ with it however the biggest problem was that it was not cost effective as I would need to purchase the editing software separately (before Adobe moved to pay monthly plans) which was going to set my budget back considerably.

I then found what I thought (for me) was the best package.  Leica V-Lux Typ 114, the camera came with a 1 year accidental drop/break cover and an additional years warranty, plus 2 Light room editing software downloads, a lens that ranged from 25mm-400mm which meant I basically had 3 lenses in one camera and it was all well within my budget!

It seemed like a great choice but I didn’t know the camera brand and I was weary¬†about it¬†and after asking friends in the same field they weren’t very sure either.¬†¬†However after independent¬†research on a¬†host of reviews and visiting a¬†Leica store to test the camera¬†several times I decided to take the plunge and purchase it in May 2015.

I am not reviewing my camera (as I don’t think I’ve worked with¬†enough brands/types to¬†be qualified to do¬†this) but I’m simply pointing out to new photographers and enthusiasts that you should have an open mind when considering purchasing a camera and one should really think about why you want it, what you will use it for and what else you will require from it as I found one that suited all my needs.

Bottom line… Don’t just follow fashion.